Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Melodrama of Wikileaks

The Melodrama of Wikileaks

The progress of humanity does not involve bickering, fighting & squabbling. The Wikileaks melodrama that has erupted this week has hit the mainstream public arena hard. Focusing on the worst aspects of humanity, the squabblers, bickerers, gossipers are all having a field day, like a Home & Away or Neighbores sub-plot. These are all the people that prevent progress. If it wasn't for the clear reasoning and logic of scientists and engineers we would still be living in caves.

Perhaps Wikileaks is an intentional diversion from the failure of democratic western governments.  The more that people fight with each other, the less time they have intelligently analyzing what is wrong.

Only until we have intelligent & reasonable people in positions of political power will we have a more just & fair society.

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