Friday, December 3, 2010

Why the cost of living & Energy Bills will always increase in Australia

Why energy bills will always increase in Australia

We should have Nuclear Power in Australia.  Nuclear Power is far more cost effective, efficient and cleaner to the environment than coal.  Swedish engineers have developed perfect ways to dispose of Nuclear waste, its only Achilles heel.

So why in Australia is energy so expensive when we have the largest Uranium reserves in the world?

It is all to do with politics.  The greedy political elite (both Liberal & Labor Party) of this country have only had one politico-economic agenda over the past 20 years.  Their agenda is mass 3rd world immigration into the country.  I have no problem with sensible immigration policies.  But the political elite’s only aim is to reduce the cost of wages and standards of living for their own nefarious communist purposes.

Instead of building a society full of intelligent and creative people, our political leaders like most other nations, are only interested in enslaving its people. No educating Australians here in science and creativeness.  Their only interests have been the wonders of multi-culturalism and low-wage labor.

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