Friday, November 25, 2011

Summer TECH Update

It has a been a while since my latest blog as I have been busy studying Cisco Certs and MS MCITP Certs (lookout Windows Server 8) for the new year and have been busy with my profession in IT. Recently I have been testing an ipad 2 and have enjoyed the experience but have not seen it as worthwhile investing in personally.  I found the ipad2 a little bulky and also not too easy to watch movies in bed, something that I can do more comfortably and easily with my netbook using VLC.  I would also like a higher resolution screen and I miss having usb ports to add devices such as a Roland Quad Capture'or TV Tuner etc. ***Instead I purchased an ipod nano for my running! ***


I have found the ipod nano watch to be annoying with cabled headphones so I have purchased a Sennheiser bluetooth adapter. More on this next blog because the sound is amazingly audiophile from this thing! The only problem is I can't get the radio with bluetooth headphones.


I do a lot of reading in PDF's and want to read outside so I wanna use e-ink tech rather than the TFT tech in an ipad.This leads me to ereaders and I have researched them thoroughly but just don't see it being right for me at the moment. Amazon's can't do pdf reflow and the Sony TRS seems to have a slow processor. Kobo might be a possibility but am not sure of the PDF reflow capabilites. I will put this on hold.

MAC OS X LION (The Vista of Mac OS X?)

Now I am a full time Mac user again and am quite enjoying Lion; 8GB certainly helps with any sluggishness. I would like to use 16GB of ram but the cost is $600 as compared to $80 for 8GB so this is also on hold.  I am currently using Oracle's Virtual Box to run Windows and I love seamless mode, I can have windows and Mac running in the same screen!  I am having some crashes and problems here and there which is unusual for Mac OS X (More on this later).  As I use Adobe CS 5.5 there have been some extra issues with Mac OS X Lion.  I have had to unhide the user preferences which is annoyingly hidden within Lion and have needed to adjust this with frequent problems with Adobe Audition.

These links will help you if you are having any problems with Adobe Audition or any other Adobe Apps and Mac OS X lion.


I have also been back into recording and recently got an irig mic for the ipod touch and vocalive. I have also got myself a Roland quad capture.  More from me soon about these amazing devices.