Friday, December 3, 2010

Being Positive in the Workplace

Being Positive in the Workplace

If you want to be successful in the workplace then the #1 rule is not to be positive or negative. Most work is time consuming & monotonous.  There are a small minority of people that work in the fields they have skills in.  Unfortunately for most of us we can only work @ 1% of our capabilities due to the political systems put into place. Being positive suggests that you will want to do something interesting and something that you are suited for.

The political elite are only interested in low-wage slave labour. They have no interest in what you can offer nor what will benefit human society.  Their only interest is in getting you to work long & boring labourious hours wasting time & energy. If you are positive in the workplace it will seem out of place.  Being negative is also bad because you will be pointing out the unfortunate circumstance for everybody. You have to be a dumbed-down-worker-slave-bot to be successful, if you aren't one of the minority exploiters.

Although there are many websites, books & infomercials about being motivated, such as this

they are there just to hoodwink you into slavery.   The idea behind these motivation sites is that they place the blame on you for your failure. They give no look at the political systems in place or any scientific reasoning behind the facts. In fact if everybody was happy with the status quo we would still be living in caves.

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