Wednesday, December 21, 2011

iPod Nano Bluetooth Watch Review

As I have mentioned in the last post, I purchased an ipod nano after Steve Jobs death, a sort of commemoration of sorts.  I am using the nano for running, as the ipod touch or iphone was too big (even with the arm band) and I also needed a radio. I don't need a GPS when i run, cos i always run the same route. I have already measured the distance with GPS on my iphone; so I can simply input the distance onto my nano.

I have found that if I am walking with the nano, the best way to use the touch screen is to use it as a watch.  Using corded headphones with the nano as a watch is very uncomfortable, hence my splurge on the Sennheiser btd300i bluetooth module & iwatch z watch band.

Sennheiser btd300i

The module is bigger than other ipod bluetooth modules you can get, but I was after the bluetooth streaming protocol APT X rather than A2DP (being the audiophile I am).


I have 2 pairs of headphones I can use with the nano & btd300i.  The first is the "closed" Sennheiser 210BT that uses the APT X protocol.  (There are only 2 models available with APTX; the PX210BT & PX310BT headphones. The PX310BT are larger over the ear headphones, but I wanted something a little lighter for mobility).

I also have the mm100 open neck headphones (I use these with the iphone so I can answer calls, plus they are good when I ride the bike, but not so good when I am lying down! These dont use APT X)

The Sennheiser MM100 (Don't let the cheap look fool you!)


The sound is fantastic, you have to use EQ as the PX210BT is midrangey. I find electronic or rock preset is the best.  I am surprised how good it sounds, it is indistinguishable from using a cord.  The other thing I like about the PX210BT is that you can also use a cord & easily attach and detach the cord, so if you break it, you can easily replace it (something I would do a lot with the PX100). The mm100 also sounds very good and it is surprising how it sounds better than using bluetooth from an iphone or the mac!


Unfortunately there are a few things I am disappointed with.  First off, the PX210 BT aren't loud enough, I suppose it is good for your hearing, but I would like to turn it up to really rock out.

Second thing is on a windy day there are drop outs, it really should be smooth all the time.

Thirdly, the btd300i chews battery, I only get an hour using the nano, as compared with 8 hours using buds!

Lastly, I wish the ipod nano could listen to the radio without having to plug in corded headphones.


It really is enjoyable to walk around with a nano watch and listen to my favorite podcast by Tiesto and see the song pic change on the screen of a watch! It really is the future, an iphone this small would be great with mm400 headphones! Do we really need to have an iphone when we walk around or ride a bike. I can understand you need an iphone in the car or when you go out, but on most occasions I dont need to surf a website when away from my PC.  Perhaps with Siri we won't even need to that so often and a watch phone could be enough.  I can also imagine a bluetooth camera/video clip that could communicate with your watch phone!

The whole computing experience is certainly changing.  Next blog I will talk about the irig mic and the vocalive software you use it with on an ipod/iphone/ipad.  A recording studio in a phone!