Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Melodrama of Wikileaks

The Melodrama of Wikileaks

The progress of humanity does not involve bickering, fighting & squabbling. The Wikileaks melodrama that has erupted this week has hit the mainstream public arena hard. Focusing on the worst aspects of humanity, the squabblers, bickerers, gossipers are all having a field day, like a Home & Away or Neighbores sub-plot. These are all the people that prevent progress. If it wasn't for the clear reasoning and logic of scientists and engineers we would still be living in caves.

Perhaps Wikileaks is an intentional diversion from the failure of democratic western governments.  The more that people fight with each other, the less time they have intelligently analyzing what is wrong.

Only until we have intelligent & reasonable people in positions of political power will we have a more just & fair society.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Are We Alone In The Universe

Are We Alone In The Universe

NASA recently made big headlines with the discovery of arsenic based life forms on earth. This caused a flurry on the Web about life outside of Earth.

Most people don't care about whether we are alone in the universe.  But I don't care that most people don't care.  Only 6.5 million people have read Neuromancer by William Gibson for example...

To me this is an important question (Life in the Universe) as far as my political point of view is concerned. If there is life outside of Earth is it intelligent.  If it is intelligent it would make sense that they might not want their presence known.

Why would this be the case?

There could be a variety of reasons.

1. They could be planning to take over earth and so therefore are studying us & hiding until the time is right
2.  They could  be testing us and preventing us from expanding into the universe because we are too destructive
3. They could be using our energy to provide something for them

We cannot take NASA's word that their isn't life outside of earth.  Can we really ever trust the government 100% of the time. The 1976 Viking mission to Mars is very suspicious, not to mention the face on Mars.

If I wanted to be 100% sure that their wasn't life outside of earth, there would be absolutely nothing suspicious in regards to this matter.

It seems like we are getting a step closer...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Fantasy Machine Part 1

The Fantasy Machine Part 1

It is the year 2333 and the whole earth is like one huge shopping mall. In the centre of the earth is a huge Fantasy Machine. It derives its energy from the earth’s core and is one gigantic super computer.   The human population lives a life of fantasy & leisure. There is no need for work as Man’s technology had conquered its environment.

Thought transference is the core-activity on the planet.  A person would sit in a room and meditate.  As their mind would slowly drift, their world would become real.

Today  ZaZoX was bored. He had lived through many fantasies, but he was running out of ideas.  He wanted to know more... 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Why the cost of living & Energy Bills will always increase in Australia

Why energy bills will always increase in Australia

We should have Nuclear Power in Australia.  Nuclear Power is far more cost effective, efficient and cleaner to the environment than coal.  Swedish engineers have developed perfect ways to dispose of Nuclear waste, its only Achilles heel.

So why in Australia is energy so expensive when we have the largest Uranium reserves in the world?

It is all to do with politics.  The greedy political elite (both Liberal & Labor Party) of this country have only had one politico-economic agenda over the past 20 years.  Their agenda is mass 3rd world immigration into the country.  I have no problem with sensible immigration policies.  But the political elite’s only aim is to reduce the cost of wages and standards of living for their own nefarious communist purposes.

Instead of building a society full of intelligent and creative people, our political leaders like most other nations, are only interested in enslaving its people. No educating Australians here in science and creativeness.  Their only interests have been the wonders of multi-culturalism and low-wage labor.

The Technocratic or Scientocratic Revolution

The Technocratic or  Scientocratic Revolution

Revolutions are bloody & violent.  That is the truth. It is an unfortunate part of the political process in removing the existing social order.  If the Technocratic Revolution is to take place it will have to be bloody & violent.  Those currently in the position of power in our current democratic/communist systems are not going to give over their Power easily.  They also know they are part of a previous social order that is more primitive and animal like (hence animal farm), than the Technocratic revolutionaries. Their only response to their loss of power will be extremely violent and bloody.  They have prepared for the inevitable, but they are extremely vulnerable, for they are extremely primitive.
Aristotle described two types of political revolution:
1.   Complete change from one constitution to another
2.   Modification of an existing constitution.[3]

A technocratic revolution will throw out all existing laws & social heirachies, and bring forth a fairer set of laws for mankind.  The current Political elite will feel extremely threatened by this and using the classical scholar Alexis de Tocqueville ideas of revolution[12]between 1) political revolutions 2) sudden and violent revolutions that seek not only to establish a new political system but to transform an entire society and 3) slow but sweeping transformations of the entire society that take several generations to bring about , the most likely outcome will be sudden & violent.

The Technocrats need to organise themselves effectively against the current Political Elite.

Being Positive in the Workplace

Being Positive in the Workplace

If you want to be successful in the workplace then the #1 rule is not to be positive or negative. Most work is time consuming & monotonous.  There are a small minority of people that work in the fields they have skills in.  Unfortunately for most of us we can only work @ 1% of our capabilities due to the political systems put into place. Being positive suggests that you will want to do something interesting and something that you are suited for.

The political elite are only interested in low-wage slave labour. They have no interest in what you can offer nor what will benefit human society.  Their only interest is in getting you to work long & boring labourious hours wasting time & energy. If you are positive in the workplace it will seem out of place.  Being negative is also bad because you will be pointing out the unfortunate circumstance for everybody. You have to be a dumbed-down-worker-slave-bot to be successful, if you aren't one of the minority exploiters.

Although there are many websites, books & infomercials about being motivated, such as this

they are there just to hoodwink you into slavery.   The idea behind these motivation sites is that they place the blame on you for your failure. They give no look at the political systems in place or any scientific reasoning behind the facts. In fact if everybody was happy with the status quo we would still be living in caves.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


What is a Technocracy?

I have mentioned before that the ultimate form of government is a Technocracy whereby political decisions are made by scientists & engineers.  This differs from our current communist/capitalist/democracy whereby econocrats and bureacrats enforce the political will of those in power for their own personal means. To me the goal of humanity is to progress. We should reward those who benefit all of mankind for now & the future.

With our current political systems there are imperfections and imbalances that creates a dystopia.
Eventually the short-sightedness of capitalism after a war builds up causing a stagnation in the economic & physical environment.  In a planned economy, although efficient initially, it causes a lack of motivation in people due to a lack of reward for the one class proletariat.

With a Technocracy Scientists and Engineers make plans & goals for the future. People aren't voted into
postions of responisibilty by the Masses who are generally uneducated and unknoweldgeable in those fields.
People's abilities are measured by tests & exams (there is no pass rate).  Those who are higher in certain fields (particularly logic) have more of an ability to choose. They will choose those that are responsible and make positive decisions for humanity.

Cities are formed & planned with a finite population size taken into consideration using the current available technologies.  Rather than only having a few mega-cities, multiple cities are created. The fact that Technology keeps improving means that every now & then cities might need to be designed from the
ground up again. A multi-class system is in operation.  It is possible through an individuals great creative processes and whose ideas improve the quality of life for humanity, that they can move up a class. This gives a sense of reward & positiveness to the population.

Immigration is treated far more seriously than how our current politicians treat the issue as a form of exploitation and a process towards slave labour.

Humans are animals as well, and we all vary genetically.  For Human survival it is best that we have as many different races as possible. Creating a melting pot race or superior white/black/yellow/brown race are both incompatible with logic and nature. Every race has something special to offer.   Out-breeding is known to cause many problems in many species of animals. Separate languages are kept to highlight the difference between races.

Rather than keeping a one-way directional plan of mass-immigration from third world countries to the first world that causes social incohesion and increasing poverty, a Technocracy would keep existing third world peoples in their homelands to build those countries up.

A modern Technocracy would realise that on Earth we are at present on a sinking ship.  Our first goal is to populate in outer space as we are running out of resources here.

Most of the time spent after a Technocratic revolution would be spending time solving interstellar space travel.

More from me on how the Technocratic Revolution should take place...

The Apple Conundrum, ios 4.2, Lion, Apple TV, iPad

Is Apple at its zenith. As marketer of the decade can Apple keep it up.  When I first bought the Apple iPhone 3G Australia it was new and I felt more special than everybody else!!!! After using Palm PDA's for many years, I always liked the feeling of being technologically ahead of everybody, for my own selfish grandiose purposes.

Now women love IPhone's, every uni student just about owns a bloody Mac and it is the #1 product going around.

I am just waiting for Bill Gates to return to Microsoft and bring Apple down to earth.  I am not the biggest Apple fanboy even though I own quite a few Apple Products (If I had it my way I would own an Atari).

I am frustated with the lack of DVD/Bluray playback in Itunes and Apple TV. I had to return an imac recently because the bluetooth module inside died (which is a common problem on many forums).  OS 10.6 is barely different from 10.5 or 10.4 or 10.3.  Will Lion bring anything out Revolutionary?

It seems like Apple's is under pressure to move units, experiencing many quality control issues with the latest imacs and macbook airs:

iOS 4.2 has been very impressive so far, in as-far as not causing any problems with the update process.  Many times previously when updating my iphone I have experienced a multitude of issues.This time around played out real smooooooth.

But I so want itunes to have lossless music at cheaper prices and dvd support. They should be working on that rather than promoting the Hell out of a 1960s boy band known as the Beatles.

IPad is a fad.  If I want something that size I want a Kindle so I can read outside.  If I need something portable & indoors I can get something more powerful with a keyboard for half the price.

Apple feels like it is stagnating and just ripe for a competitor to come in & take some market share.

Escalator Land

There shall be a world full of escalators, like those in the mall & the flat escalators at Airports.  Instead of driving to the shops you go outside your door onto an escalator.

Top 5 list of how the New World Order will eradicate 6 billion people

There are many conspiracies on the interwebs about how the NWO plan to eliminate 6 billion people.

The Georgia Guidestones probably gives most fuel to the fire of this particular conspiracy.

This monument exists in the USA and has an inscription stating that we must maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, amongst other "commandments" & messages. I really recommend reading about the Georgia Guidestones and for you to come up with your own conclusions.  

Anyway, I have decided to come up with a list of 5 of the best ways the NWO could eradicate 6 billion people for their future plans of absolute world domination. I of course don't endorse any of this.

1.  Mass Suicide of 6 Billion People

This would be the most effective way of wiping out 6 billion "useless eaters".  Use the Mass Media, subliminal messages & (MK Ultra) Mind Control techniques to promote a worldwide suicidal cult, similar to Heaven's Gate. Get everybody to kill themselves in a self-made grave at a certain date & time.'s_Gate_(religious_group)

2. Moonraker 1979--James Bond 11th movie--Plot of Global Genocide

<Spoiler Alert>

Utilise Drax 's plan to destroy all human life by launching fifty globes containing toxins into the Earth's atmosphere. As the NWO have built underground cities and Space Stations they just need to sit it out, until Earth returns to normal.  The only problem with this plan is that they have to "sit it out" which could be boring.  Also, animal & plant life might be affected.

3. Gas Chambers

Well it worked in WW2.  Simply start transporting people into trains offering them free showers. The problem with this plan is it is expensive, you need to build showers and produce gases.  Also people might get a sense of de ja vu and be suspicious even through Mind Control Techniques.

4. Nuclear Armageddon

Simply take control of any Nuclear nation and start bombing away. Get China to nuke India & USA.  USA responds by nuking Russia & India responds by nuking Pakistan.  Pakistan nukes Israel. Israel nukes the middle east.  Iran nukes Europe.  China nukes Australia to make it global.  

The problem with this plan is that it is very expensive. They could use the uranium to produce energy rather than killing people.  If people commit suicide it is far more efficient. Also having to sit out after the nuclear fall out would also be boring.  The nuclear holocaust would also wipe out animals & plants.

5. Use Machines to wipe out humans using Terminators & killer nano bots etc.

Once again the problem with this plan is it is expensive and would utilise a lot of energy.  Also people might be able to destroy the machines before they could annihilate 6 billion people. Probably nano-bots that crawl into your orifices would be the best way to kill people as it would be un-noticed. Also would the machines turn against the NWO creators too?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

too dream

A multitude of PHAT analogue synthesis vibrates in my ear @ a multitude of directions, giving me a super-aural sensation of the most heinous, fantastical, super hi-fidelious manner!!  The Octo-phonic 10" analogue tape reel runs a mix of the most brilliant wunder-synths to have ever been invented. The Moog, Arp, Roland Jupiter 8, Yamaha cs80, Oberheim OBX and many more all playing beyond equal temperament & 4/4 beats with glissandos, portamentos and arpeggios in the most awe inspiring fashion!

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