Monday, December 6, 2010

Are We Alone In The Universe

Are We Alone In The Universe

NASA recently made big headlines with the discovery of arsenic based life forms on earth. This caused a flurry on the Web about life outside of Earth.

Most people don't care about whether we are alone in the universe.  But I don't care that most people don't care.  Only 6.5 million people have read Neuromancer by William Gibson for example...

To me this is an important question (Life in the Universe) as far as my political point of view is concerned. If there is life outside of Earth is it intelligent.  If it is intelligent it would make sense that they might not want their presence known.

Why would this be the case?

There could be a variety of reasons.

1. They could be planning to take over earth and so therefore are studying us & hiding until the time is right
2.  They could  be testing us and preventing us from expanding into the universe because we are too destructive
3. They could be using our energy to provide something for them

We cannot take NASA's word that their isn't life outside of earth.  Can we really ever trust the government 100% of the time. The 1976 Viking mission to Mars is very suspicious, not to mention the face on Mars.

If I wanted to be 100% sure that their wasn't life outside of earth, there would be absolutely nothing suspicious in regards to this matter.

It seems like we are getting a step closer...

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