Thursday, December 2, 2010


What is a Technocracy?

I have mentioned before that the ultimate form of government is a Technocracy whereby political decisions are made by scientists & engineers.  This differs from our current communist/capitalist/democracy whereby econocrats and bureacrats enforce the political will of those in power for their own personal means. To me the goal of humanity is to progress. We should reward those who benefit all of mankind for now & the future.

With our current political systems there are imperfections and imbalances that creates a dystopia.
Eventually the short-sightedness of capitalism after a war builds up causing a stagnation in the economic & physical environment.  In a planned economy, although efficient initially, it causes a lack of motivation in people due to a lack of reward for the one class proletariat.

With a Technocracy Scientists and Engineers make plans & goals for the future. People aren't voted into
postions of responisibilty by the Masses who are generally uneducated and unknoweldgeable in those fields.
People's abilities are measured by tests & exams (there is no pass rate).  Those who are higher in certain fields (particularly logic) have more of an ability to choose. They will choose those that are responsible and make positive decisions for humanity.

Cities are formed & planned with a finite population size taken into consideration using the current available technologies.  Rather than only having a few mega-cities, multiple cities are created. The fact that Technology keeps improving means that every now & then cities might need to be designed from the
ground up again. A multi-class system is in operation.  It is possible through an individuals great creative processes and whose ideas improve the quality of life for humanity, that they can move up a class. This gives a sense of reward & positiveness to the population.

Immigration is treated far more seriously than how our current politicians treat the issue as a form of exploitation and a process towards slave labour.

Humans are animals as well, and we all vary genetically.  For Human survival it is best that we have as many different races as possible. Creating a melting pot race or superior white/black/yellow/brown race are both incompatible with logic and nature. Every race has something special to offer.   Out-breeding is known to cause many problems in many species of animals. Separate languages are kept to highlight the difference between races.

Rather than keeping a one-way directional plan of mass-immigration from third world countries to the first world that causes social incohesion and increasing poverty, a Technocracy would keep existing third world peoples in their homelands to build those countries up.

A modern Technocracy would realise that on Earth we are at present on a sinking ship.  Our first goal is to populate in outer space as we are running out of resources here.

Most of the time spent after a Technocratic revolution would be spending time solving interstellar space travel.

More from me on how the Technocratic Revolution should take place...

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