Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been a While since last Post

Been a While since last Post

I have been very busy with my new IT job so I haven't had much time to blog.  I have made a few little purchases in the past 3 months to enhance my personal life.

My latest gadgets are a watch fone from ESPOW & mm100 Bluetooth Sennheiser head-phones. I really wanted a proper brand for a watch phone but there is nothing out there; apart from a discontinued model from LG a year ago, that sold for $2,000 AU.

My watch phone has been a little disappointing. It was only $140 including shipping but it can't always get good reception and the bluetooth doesn't work well with my mm100 Sennheiser headphones (but it does work well with the car stereo over b /t)  So the radio on the watch fone is a bit of a disappointment. I can see the ipod nano that are popular as watches become phones in the near future.  The great thing for a watch phone is when you are bike riding or doing some outdoor activity, and don't want to carry a bulky iphone around.

I am really impressed with my mm100 Sennhesier headphones.  There are no drop outs, and they have fantastic bass & imaging.  The sound is awesome and I have enjoyed bike riding with them with no messy cables getting in the way. I have gone through 2 corded PX200 headphones(cables have broken)  and they have sounded crappy too. The invisible mic is a great feature.

The other interesting thing I have been using is the latest Airplay with 4.3. Apple keeps on raising the bar. I can now share my music from my laptop which is around 400gigs to my ipod touch  4G 8gig.  The reason why I didn't purchase an ipod touch with more storage is I knew I couldn't fit 400 gigs of music on it!!!  I haven't regretted it as now I can walk around the house and have my 400 gig library go through the ipod touch 8 gig.  When I am mobile I don't need to have much of a music collection and generally listen to podcasts such as Tiesto or Engadget. I can also have videos stored on my laptop stream to my ipod touch to watch in bed and also stream the audio to my airport express for a premium listening environment. Really a lot of fun but I do recommend having a separate wifi n network to achieve excellent syncing which I have mentioned in previous posts.

So this is what I want in future:

An ipod touch or iphone with dual wifi cards

A watch fone ipod nano with Bluetooth and wifi n

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