Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Apple Conundrum, ios 4.2, Lion, Apple TV, iPad

Is Apple at its zenith. As marketer of the decade can Apple keep it up.  When I first bought the Apple iPhone 3G Australia it was new and I felt more special than everybody else!!!! After using Palm PDA's for many years, I always liked the feeling of being technologically ahead of everybody, for my own selfish grandiose purposes.

Now women love IPhone's, every uni student just about owns a bloody Mac and it is the #1 product going around.

I am just waiting for Bill Gates to return to Microsoft and bring Apple down to earth.  I am not the biggest Apple fanboy even though I own quite a few Apple Products (If I had it my way I would own an Atari).

I am frustated with the lack of DVD/Bluray playback in Itunes and Apple TV. I had to return an imac recently because the bluetooth module inside died (which is a common problem on many forums).  OS 10.6 is barely different from 10.5 or 10.4 or 10.3.  Will Lion bring anything out Revolutionary?

It seems like Apple's is under pressure to move units, experiencing many quality control issues with the latest imacs and macbook airs:

iOS 4.2 has been very impressive so far, in as-far as not causing any problems with the update process.  Many times previously when updating my iphone I have experienced a multitude of issues.This time around played out real smooooooth.

But I so want itunes to have lossless music at cheaper prices and dvd support. They should be working on that rather than promoting the Hell out of a 1960s boy band known as the Beatles.

IPad is a fad.  If I want something that size I want a Kindle so I can read outside.  If I need something portable & indoors I can get something more powerful with a keyboard for half the price.

Apple feels like it is stagnating and just ripe for a competitor to come in & take some market share.

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