Sunday, June 5, 2011

Singstar, Apple WWDC


A bit late to the game but I have recently purchased Singstar for the PS3 and the mics.  Although I have had some fun, there are a few major flaws that upset the playing experience.

1. Latency issues.  The game does not give accurate-enough latency times.  You can only choose 10ms blocks and you really need to have more granular settings as the Audio & Video sync is somewhere inbetween 0-10ms for me.

2. Scoring.  The singing steps ruins the singing experience.  The notes you have to sing are far too long, longer than what is required to sing which ruins the fun and naturalness of the vocal performance.  Quite often I am hanging onto notes and getting out of breath to get a good scoring  performance. The other problem is that it doesn't always detect the right note, especially if it is a low note or a fast word.  Sometimes the notes for scoring are a wrong note or the parts change singers without time to breathe and if you sing a different in-tune note because you might not have the vocal range, or for breathing, you are penalised. You are also penalised if you don't sing the note flat, no embellishments are allowed, even if the original track has it!!!!!!. There should be an abililty to adjust the steps and duration for the singing-scoring and then people could agree to the scoring system for the song online with the club feature.

Apple WWDC

I am so excited, we have heard all the Windows 8 stuff at D9 and Asus at Computex, but every1 is waiting for Apple.

I want to purchase a Time Capsule and Macbook Air, but have been waiting as new models are imminent.

The rumours of the Time Capsule sound amazing too, I want to be able to stream music to my ipod without having my computer on and the rumours I have heard, sound like that the Time Capsule will be able to do this. With an A5 processor, the Time Capsule should have plenty of power as a wireless Itunes Server. The other great news is that Wireless Sync might finally come of age with IOS 5.

I have wanted to get a Macbook Air but the 3 year old C2D has made me wait....If the Time Capsule has an Itunes Server, the 64 GB MBA  model should be fine, as I have 400 gigs of music that can go on the capsule (which I don't need on the road).

iCloud doens't really interest me.  I use Tune In for music which is already a cloud service for music anyway.  I am not going to put 400GB of music in the cloud. This cloud stuff is a big Hype.  I already use the cloud for podcasts, tune in music etc.

Will we get true multi-tasking in IOS5.  I doubt it!!!!