Monday, April 11, 2011


Whatever has happened to Techno-Utopia---

It hasn't come. Gridlock! Standstill!

I guess I have been wanting extra freedom and prosperity all my life, but it just hasn't come my way.  I know I am not alone here.

Our business leaders and government leaders have led us astray.  We live in an ever increasing violent, polluted & densely overpopulated urban mega-mega-lopolis. There has been no method to growth and as a result we are wasting our technological advancement.

If our leaders spent our energy wealth on exploring the heavens we might have resources elsewhere in the solar system.  Instead we are increasingly spending more time with violent conflicts & increasing poverty.

It makes you wonder if all the technological advancement has been worth it all.  Has it really improved life if it is causing more wars and poverty.

Stephen Hawking warned us in 2006

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