Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apple AV HDMI adapter

I had to get one.  Expensive at AU $40 but I have my needs.

Apple is simply the best consumer/digital company as far as music goes. I can now get digital audio out of my ipod touch 4g without needing to modify it.  Using the HDMI from my ipod touch I can send audio thru my digitech 4 PORT hdmi with digital coax/optical toslink. Admittedly this is an expensive solution to get digital audio out, but hey audiophiles have no qualms about getting the best audio they can. Still $120 for the HDMI converter and $40 for the adapter is more than an Apple TV, which could do the same thing, but the audiophile purist demands as little jitter as possible, and a wifi connection just simply doesn't cut it.

It is disappointing that the video doesnt work properly thru the adapter, when using the Digitech 4 port HDMI.   Apple doesn't support HDMI switchers/converters with the A/V adapter so I was a bit unhappy as my laptop and PS3 have no problem with the Digitech 4 port HDMI. The adapter does work plugging directly in to my monitor via DVI or the Samsung TV's I have tried.

I hope the next update can rectify this problem with HDMI switchers compatibility. For $40 Apple certainly is cashing in with the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a product that can't be fully utilised. The adapter is quite bulky too, so will be interesting to see if Apple will have a mini hdmi connector in future. As good as Apple is with music it can do better or I will move to a competitor that does it better.

What I Want?

Lossless Audio & HD audio from the itunes store with cheaper than CD prices
Dual Wifi cards  (2.4ghz & 5ghz on the ipod/iphone (1 for internet and the other for streaming)
Adjustable video/audio sync like in VLC
ipod touch nano watch with GPS for jogging and cycling and bluetooth for my Sennhesier mm100

There are opportunities for the competition to better Apple but they keep on coming up with inferior products, which is frustrating as even though I own and am happy with plenty of Apple products, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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