Friday, April 1, 2011

another job doesn't work out

another job doesn't work out...

it has happened again...

I have had this occur to me once before, where I am working a people facing job, and even though I am successful with a majority of the people I serve and the job that I do, I have lost the job over a few petty complaints.  The complaints generally have been from grumpy older women (not all older women), and have been quite unfair.

In the whole scheme of things it seems pretty outrageous but then again life isn't fair.  I have tried my best to avoid working "people" jobs as you are always going to get some complaints. It is pretty hard to get on with 100% of the people you serve.

It is hard in these situations because there isn't really much you could have done differently.  You tried your best, went to work early did a great job and that wasn't enough.

I have to adapt and obviously must avoid situations where there are a majority of older women, which are jobs I have unfortunately been trapped in over the past year.

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