Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why Democracies don't work

They don't work. It is official, democracies are an illusion created by the psuedo-elite, to give the masses a false hope that they can make a difference.

The Masses are fooled that their once in every 4 years vote, will make a difference in their lives. The irony is the Masses keep voting a different shade of left-wing government, that is full of lazy and inefficient bureaucrats and econocrats.

In Australia the people are unsure, they don't like either party, in our 2 party system of Labor or Liberals. I believe this situation has created a hung parliament in the federal & state. The Masses feel the mismanagement, the rise in the cost of living, the increasing unpleasantness forced upon us by incompetent leaders.

It all starts with the Mass Media's enforcement of democracy as the only sort of solution that we can have in today's society, but is an old "out of date" notion that was as much of a failure in ancient Greece as it is today.

As much as our business leaders push for more & more into their own greedy pockets at the expense of others, wise people must ascertain that there is always an important consideration of a fine balance between us & what earth provides.

Logan's Run (1976) is probably the only Hollywood movie that makes an attempt to look at the balance of human populations and economies.  Whereas our current Business Moguls push for 50 million + people in Australia, the reality is that this might cause a sinking ship for everyone.

The Gorilla Mama's in surburbia with their huge 4wd are a sign or warning of Orwellian Greed that has infiltrated too large in our society. Although what appears as seemingly harmless, these Grisley Mama's are a symptomatic sign of inefficient greed and unrealistic dreams that cause huge imbalances in our society.

People need to be ruled by a system that is just & fair, they don't need or want "Democratic Propaganda".

Revolutions can be violent.  The ruling elite that has cheated and lied their way to wealth cause massive imbalances that build up as a reservoir of anger & violence in the peoples.  It seems like we are moving backwards in the 21st century which is why we need a new system, a break from the ruling elites "Animal Farm-esque" Communism/Capitalism.

The cycle of Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligopoly & Democracy must be broken and a new way, Technocracy must be put in place. But this Technocracy must also be in tune with nature & the cosmos.

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