Thursday, November 25, 2010

underground trains

underground trains

I have always had this fantasy since my adolescence that there are hidden underground stations that have a train network for a secret super society.

To my astonishment I actually read this as a conspiracy here

"Based on 1989 information, it was claimed that there were at least 75 underground cities in existence below the soil of America interconnected by high speed, frictionless trains called Maglevtrains (Magnetic Levitation). The former Atomic Energy Commission had also constructed  22 seperate underground cities for their own use.(1) [Update: In 1995Phil Schneider said that there were 129 underground cities and in May of 2001Stewart Swerdlow, former mind controlled "Montauk Boy" , claimed that there now exists 133 underground cities in North America. Al Bielek also claims that there are many hundreds of underground cities and bases built worldwide]"

Are any thoughts original?

Well I sure hope my world of escalator transportation is!!!

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