Thursday, November 25, 2010

Self Improvement Articles

I sort of have in interest in self-improvement articles at the moment such as the following...

I always find them quite amusing, and there are a few good tips here & there.  But "cheating" yourself that life is really good when it isn't, isn't really right. Be prepared for the letdown. There are structual impossibilties with having the successful career opportunities that everyone strives for.  There are simply not enough jobs to go around.  That is why I think a belief in reincarnation is the ultimate healer.

Many people have disappointing lives.  Some get chronic illnesses & conditions. Others die at an early age.There are so many people if given the right chances could achieve much more, but due to circumstance are restricted.

My belief is that when you die you receive a judgement, like the Egyptian: Judgment of the Dead

From your results after the judgement you are then able to choose what sort of life (avatar) you are to have next.

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