Friday, February 10, 2012

The invisible hand of the NWO on Australia Day 2012


This is a belated post because I have been nervous about blogging my political beliefs since I have become politically aware.

On Australia Day 2012 we witnessed the invisible hand of the New World Order against the Aboriginal People of Australia. The NWO created a "Hate Day" against the indigenous population on Australia Day. Since my political awakening, when I gained first-hand of knowledge of a false flag government event, I have been able to see the invisible hand of the New World Order.  Although the masonic buillding the Shrine of Rememberance in Melbourne had always aroused my curiosity with its ancient "ziggurat and babylonian architecture", I was blinded by the truth, until I opened my eyes and saw the suffering of most peoples around me. I was sucked in by the propaganda of  "accidental reality" when our lives have been manipulated and coerced by Social Engineers thru propaganda in media, schools, universities and the workplace.  Remember the most dangerous enemy is invisible or outside our ignorant peripheral vision.

The Shrine Of Remembrance

The Masonic Temple "Shrine of Remembrance" that celebrates the Great Global Wars.
Is child sacrifice from the Aztecs practised here?

I was a sheeple like everyone else, being fleeced from the False Good Shepherd (Government).

Why would the Government consipire against the Aboriginal People on Australia Day when it represents a day for all  people around the world to celebrate their immigration to Australia.

In fact "Australia Day" is double speak for "immigrant day". If you read any of the propaganda media on "Australia Day" you will notice that even though Australia is typically a day for Christian Anglo Saxons with the Union Jack Flag proudly waving and for drinking European beer and eating pork and red meats; the news contrasts this with non-stop propaganda talk about immigrants and how wonderful they are and how it is wonderful that we live in a "gloablised" society.

 A nation of immigrants the propaganda media promotes is an oxymoron.

nation may refer to a community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, and/or history.

They are of course changing this definition to suit their political beliefs.

The indigenous people of Australia are a tiny minority so why do they represent a threat to the political structure of Australia?

It is because of their nationalism.  Nationalism opposes Globalism, and the New World Order needs to stomp on people who believe in Nationalism.

Once you understand the

Hegelian dialectic

you will know that the NWO controls the Australian Labour Party & Australian Liberal Party.  They pretend to give 2 different opionions so the masses think they have a choice and have freedom.  People generally think of good and bad so they think they are actually choosing what they want.  What they don't realise is that the Australian Labor and Liberal Party, both promote Mass 3rd world immigration into 1st world countries and the exodus of jobs overseas so that all nations will be poor and a communist/capitalist Chinese style World Govt. (UN) can take over. The 2 main parties of Australia are almost identical twins.

Once you realise Tony Abbot and Julia Gillard work for the same team because of the Hegelian Dialect (the NWO aren't stupid, don't under-estimate the cunning sly deviousness of the global elite), you can then understand their collusion on Australia Day 2012.  They (Gillard Tony Abbot)  might pretend to be enemies in the media but it is obviously fake.  

So what is this all about then.

Well it is about the government conspiring and political propagandizing an indigenous minority whilst promoting 3rd world majorities on Australia Day 2012 so they can bring the Global-Chinese model of slavery to the world to serve the Global Elite. Hate Day against the indigenous by our Political Elite on Australia Day.

The next time you buy plastic Chinese junk from the supermarket that might poison your kids with Lead Poison, think---

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